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Do you, or anyone who lives with you, operate a business or hobby out of your home?  Do you generate more than $2000 in income per year? 

If you’ve answered yes, we want to make you are aware that your personal homeowner’s policymay not provide the protection you need!   Some examples of home based businesses are (but not limited to):

·         Custom crafting/ design                              

·         Photography

·         Babysitting

·         Consulting Services

·         Consulting Sales (Pampered Chef, Avon, It Works, Mary Kay, Thirty-One, Etc.)

·         Independent Contractor

·         Piano Teacher

·         Tutoring Services

·         Home based Catering/Food Services

·         Landscaping

·         Personal Trainer

1 in 10 U.S. households has some type of home based business and 60% of those have no insurance coverage because they thought it fell under their homeowner’s policy.  Homeowners insurance was never intended to cover a business exposure or any business interruption should a loss occur.

Do not get caught off guard! Call us today to discuss your home business coverage needs!


3 Ways to Cover Home Business or Hobby Insurance

1.      Endorsements to your HOMEOWNER’S policy

A.      Depends on the type of business you operate.  Rate and availability based on type of business.

B.      Business equipment is limited ($2500-$10000 or more depending on carrier and limits selected)

C.      Cost is minimal ($25-$150 or more per year depending on options and carrier)


2.      In-Home Business policy written on a COMMERCIAL Policy

A.      Includes General Liability Coverage ($300,000 up to $1,000,000 coverage options)

B.      Business Property up to $10,000 depending on policy

C.      If your business is shut down because of damage to your home, loss of income and ongoing expenses are covered.

D.      Provides limited coverage for loss of valuable documents, accounts receivable, off-site business property and use of equipment

E.       Cost on average begins at $250 depending on options and carrier



A.      Covers business with gross sales of up to $3,000,000


B.      Coverage and Endorsements  for:
Liability Limits
Medical Expenses Limits
Damage to Premises Rent to you
Employee Dishonesty
Forgery & Alterations
Money & Securities- On & Off Premises
Valuable Papers
Outdoor property
Personal Property
Liability & Medical Expense
Debris Removal
Ordinance or Law
Equipment Breakdown
Certified Acts of Terrorism

C.      Better value for small business owners than general business policies, cost begins around $500 depending on carrier and options.

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Our staff has been serving the Missouri, Kansas and Illinois markets for years and can find you the best policies based on your business and the type of work you perform. Call us today at 636.391.0700, email us at, or click here to get started on a free quote.  
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