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August 2012                                                Brought to you by CLH Insurance


This Month's Blog

Our August blog highlights the necessity for insurance in college.  If your teen is heading off to school this fall, let us help you explore your options for personal property protection that could come in handy if your student's property is stolen or destroyed. 

While we are at it, let us check your auto policy for possible rewards that your family could qualify for.  Your student's hard work could merit more than a stellar GPA, and their choice to ride a bike to class could save more than just gas money!

Read about it here.

What Your Teens Need to Know About Insurance

How much have you talked with your teens about insurance?  Chances are, you hadn't thought of it much before considering the above potential risks and savings.  The reality is that many students are going into college, leaving home, and entering a more professional world without much preparataion or direction for handling life's unexpected, but sometimes unavoidable, accidents.

Why wait until they are going off to college before you explain to them the importance of securing and protecting the intvestments they will make in the future?  Start now.  For most policies, once a studen turns 25, coverage from your homeowners insurance ends and they will be on their own to seek out the proper coverage for their home and belongings.  And it doesn't stop there.  There could be limitations on the amount of coverage they have away from home, and how long their health insurance lasts on your policy.  The only way to know exactly what is right for your circumstances is to talk to an agent about your situation. 

It's most important that you become educated so you can educate them, and that you lead by example.  Showing your childrent that you care about the investments you've made by purchasing protection for them will encourage financial wisdom for their future.  Don't hesitate to educate your teens about the decisions they will have to make for their own lives someday.

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Additions to the Web Site

At the beginning of the month, we had our office and employee pictures taken by Julia Hembree Photography.  The employee profiles and company "About" page have been updated, as well as other new features that we hope will keep you connected to all the insurance help you need.  Come browse through and enjoy all of the work we are doing to make your on-line experience informative, simple, and enjoyable.



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