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  The Scenario Many churches open their doors to the community for things other than religious services.  Often times, those requesting use of the church’s space do so for recreational activities, meetings, wedding receptions, and so on. READ MORE >>

  The multi-policy discount.  The insurance bundle.  The insurance package!  No matter what name it is referred to as, by now you've certainly been propositioned to bundle your home and auto (and any other policies you might have) with the same insurance company. READ MORE >>

  Tornadoes: Be Prepared In Every Season When tornado sirens wail, a good response plan can help keep your people safe. Lifesaving actions start with recognizing severe weather conditions, developing a plan for your ministry’s employees and visitors, and being ready to act when a storm hits. READ MORE >>

Christi Diggs, CLH Insurance Account Executive serving the Kansas City area, joins the program to discuss life insurance, the cost associated with term and whole, and why someone would want to buy a product they'll never use.  Below is a transcript of the episode, modified for your reading pleasure. READ MORE >>

We’re big proponents of pet insurance at CLH, and as we discuss in our Adding Pet Insurance podcast episode, pet insurance explicitly applies to domestic dogs and cats.  However, there is a contingent of Missourians who own animals that don’t fall into the classifications set forth in a standard pet insurance policy. READ MORE >>

At CLH Insurance, we believe a healthy lifestyle is something to be celebrated as well as something that can help your life insurance premiums (and something to help boost your finances according to this Money piece).  If you haven’t already, consider reading our four-part series on personal health starting here. READ MORE >>

Many people wouldn't set out on a road trip without a plan and a map. Likewise, you can't expect to reach your financial goals without developing a plan for spending and saving. This is why the first step in creating a budget would be to identify where your money is going. READ MORE >>

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, recently announced its intentions to bolster its reinsurance for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through a catastrophe bond.  According to Insurance Journal: FEMA began purchasing private reinsurance in 2017 and recovered $1. READ MORE >>

Your four-legged family members can rack up the expenses if they get sick or hurt. fortunately, pet insurance can help.  Kristy Whipple joins the program to give you the low-down on CLH's latest insurance product, pet insurance. Below is a transcript of the episode, modified for your reading pleasure. READ MORE >>

Germs can be spread in any climate, at any time of the year.  It's with this in mind that we wanted to share some how-to advice on keeping your nursery clean and sanitized.   Below is a video from Brotherhood Mutual that illustrates some best practices with nursery sanitation. READ MORE >>

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